Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Uber Cheap w/FREE $30 on 1st Ride (and works Worldwide!)

UBER is a Private Ride from local people using their own cars to make money.
COST is usually about HALF that of a regular cab so you'll SAVE tons of money!
 Plus SAVE $30 now, signup here & your 1st Uber Ride is FREE up to $30...a WOW!
Once signed up simply get Uber's cell phone App to see which cars are near you
real time. Plus Uber Rides are available in cities world wide, saving you tons more.
Also to be a DRIVER of your own car for Uber and get paid money signup here .
 HOT TIP...a 20% tip is built into Uber's cell App, so do NOT over tip the driver.
(more Uber SAVINGs coming soon...check back regularily)

AirBnB Cheap - w/FREE $50 on 1st stay (in SoBe or Worldwide)

AirBnB saves you BIG money by staying in Local People's spare bedrooms vs costly Hotels!
This Internet Bed & Breakfast COSTs can be up to 90% LESS saving you BIG money at South Beach.

Plus save $50 now, signup here & your 1st AirBnB stay is up to $50 FREE worldwide...a WOW!
HOT Tip: you will find many nice places, however read thru the User Reviews before booking.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Hostels Cheap -simple list of 10 (wAddress, phone# & website)

HOSTELS are the CHEAPEST way to stay & there are many to choose from in the SOUTH BEACH area of Miami Beach Florida. Costs can range from $20 to $40 per night. To be fair they are listed in alphabetical order! Explore all of them for whatever meets your needs, budget & pleasure?

1) Bikini Hostel, 1255 West Ave, Miami Beach FL, 305-253-9000, website here .

2) Deco Walk Hostel, 928 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach FL, 305-531-5511, website here .

3) Freehand Hostel, 2727 IndianCreekDr, Miami Beach FL 333140, 305-531-2727, website here .

4) Hostelling International, 1506 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL, 305-787-3122, website here .

5) Jazz Hostel, 321 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL, 305-672-2137, website here .

6) Miami Hostel, 810 Alton Road, Miami Beach FL, 305-538-7030, website here .

7) Ocean Hotel & Hostel, 236 9th Street, Miami Beach FL, 305-534-1710, website here .
     Also known as Hostel Miami Beach, their 2nd website here .

8) Posh South Beach, 820 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL, 305-674-8821, website here .

9) SoBe Hostel, 235 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL, 305-534-6669, website here .

10) Tropics Hotel & Hostel, 1550 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL, 305-531-0361, website here .

HOT TIP: be sure to add the Miami/Dade County TAX of 13% EXTRA onto their room prices!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Food Shopping Cheap - saves money (Websites & sale flyers)

FOOD SHOPPING in South Beach for CHEAP groceries is somewhat limited!

PUBLIX Super Market is by far the BIGGEST and therefore the CHEAPEST for most everything. It's open 7 days 7a-11p at 1100 6th Street. Publix website & sale flyer is here. South Beach blocks are much shorter than NYC blocks, so PUBLIX is easily walkable or bikeable from all of South Beach. Or simply take the "Bus 123 South Beach Local" for $0.25 (see diff blog sect on Public Buses for details).
HOT TIP: Publix car parking is very limited except in parking garage, so suggest you NOT take one unless you have someone to sit in it as a driver to move it around. (More coming on Food Shopping)

POLLO TROPICAL Chicken On The Grill, 1454 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL, 305-672-8888
Julia reports when you buy any entrée & do an online opinion, you will get the entrée again free!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Airline Flights Cheap (low fares to Miami South Beach airports)

FLL (=Fort Lauderdale) flights vs MIA (=Miami) are often Cheaper saving you more money!
SOUTHWEST's "flexible dates" shows the Cheapest flights for each day of every month here &
they allow 2 checked bags FREE, saving you $70-100 over other airlines!
NOTE: does NOT show up in Priceline, Expedia etc so you must go there direct!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Public Buses Cheap - simplified for South Beach (only here)

PUBLIC BUSES...are a best kept SECRET for getting to & around South Beach fast & CHEAP!
NOTE: South Beach= SoBE is the Southern half of the City of Miami Beach & East of Miami City.

EASY Cardis a reloadable discount card good on all BUSES in Miami/Dade County. SAVE money by getting yours NOW here or go into Lee-Ann Pharmacy(rear counter) 955 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL, 305-531-1256. This green card costs $2 one-time, but can save you 20% over paying cash & you DON'T need cash or exact change. Just "tap-it" to pay when you enter a bus...WOW!
Hot Tip: when tapping card on a Bus watch small screen for 1) amnt paid for bus & 2) balance left?

FROM Fort Lauderdale AIRPORT...on 2 buses costs ONLY $2.35 Get on Bus 1 South & ask driver for a "transfer-ticket". Use it to take Bus "120 Beach Max" to South Beach. (more details coming) 

FROM Miami exit terminal take FREE "MetroMover" out. Get off & follow signs TO BUSES or ask staff. Then take Metrobus "150 Miami Beach Airport Flyer" for ONLY $2.35 if you have exact change! Or you can overpay using three $1 bills or a $5 bill as the driver has NO change! Your luggage easily rolls thru the extra wide & low wheelchair door near the driver. More on Bus 150...
Bus "150 Flyer" makes few stops going East on the way to Miami Beach. Once there it heads South stopping at 41st, 37th, 29th, 26th & 24th Streets. Then South Beach stops are 22nd, 18th, 17th, Lincoln, 13th, 9th, 5th & 2nd Streets. The Route ends at South Point Drive where Bus 150 stops & loops back North to Miami Airport (MIA), picking up at above stops! Details & map here .
Bus "123 South Beach Local" is ONLY $0.25...that ONLY 25 cents, which is a WOW deal! And it does big loops to every area of South Beach from 1st Street to 23rd Street. Details & map here .

HOT TIP: to initially Tour & see ALL of SoBe stay on Bus 123 for 1 or 2 loops for ONLY 25 cents!

TIPs: 1) this MiamiDade Metrobus webpage gives more detailed information on ALL Miami Buses.
2) their Metrobus App shows real-time bus locations & pickups times, you can download it here .
3) most buses have FREE wifi & those usually have a label stating so on the outside of the bus!
(More Public Bus SAVINGS coming)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Parking Cheap - do it wrong & pay bigtime (costs are below)

PARKING in South Beach is very costly, ranging from $20 to $30 per that's HIGH!

HOT TIP= getting TOWED costs you $210 to $270 plus a $75 parking ticket. So if possible
do NOT bring your car or a rental car! (see blog topics BUSES & UBER to get around cheap)

SHORT TERM street parking costs $1.75/hr from 9am to 3am= 17hrs x $1.75=$29.75/day.
Private parking lots cost that or MORE so don't use them or get a price BEFORE parking!
(more coming on CHEAPER ways!)

LONG TERM parking is cheapest at Earlington Heights Parking Garage for ONLY $4.50/day 
& located at 2100 Northwest 41st Street, Miami FL 33142, call 305-891-3131 to confirm $.
From there take the MetroRail 1 stop & get on "Bus 150 South Beach FLYER" for $2.35 with exact change or overpay w/3 $1 bills, as bus drivers do NOT make or give change (see blog topic
BUSES for details). You can get the details on Earlington Heights & other Long Term Parking here .
(More Parking SAVINGS coming)