Friday, February 13, 2015

Parking Cheap - do it wrong & pay bigtime (costs are below)

PARKING in South Beach is very costly, ranging from $20 to $30 per that's HIGH!

HOT TIP= getting TOWED costs you $210 to $270 plus a $75 parking ticket. So if possible
do NOT bring your car or a rental car! (see blog topics BUSES & UBER to get around cheap)

SHORT TERM street parking costs $1.75/hr from 9am to 3am= 17hrs x $1.75=$29.75/day.
Private parking lots cost that or MORE so don't use them or get a price BEFORE parking!
(more coming on CHEAPER ways!)

LONG TERM parking is cheapest at Earlington Heights Parking Garage for ONLY $4.50/day 
& located at 2100 Northwest 41st Street, Miami FL 33142, call 305-891-3131 to confirm $.
From there take the MetroRail 1 stop & get on "Bus 150 South Beach FLYER" for $2.35 with exact change or overpay w/3 $1 bills, as bus drivers do NOT make or give change (see blog topic
BUSES for details). You can get the details on Earlington Heights & other Long Term Parking here .
(More Parking SAVINGS coming)


  1. Very helpful and accurate information. I will certainly pass this blog to those who plan on traveling here. Thanks for the help!

  2. Thanks so much for figuring out the beach parking: Having paid those expensive tickets it really hurts. Just used your garage suggestion and it worked out great! Can't thank you enough!!!! John

  3. thanks eric so much for helping us, your blog is very well done and it help us very much! can´t thank u enough!!
    Joaquin & Mirna from URUGUAY