Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Uber Cheap w/FREE $30 on 1st Ride (and works Worldwide!)

UBER is a Private Ride from local people using their own cars to make money.
COST is usually about HALF that of a regular cab so you'll SAVE tons of money!
 Plus SAVE $30 now, signup here & your 1st Uber Ride is FREE up to $30...a WOW!
Once signed up simply get Uber's cell phone App to see which cars are near you
real time. Plus Uber Rides are available in cities world wide, saving you tons more.
Also to be a DRIVER of your own car for Uber and get paid money signup here .
 HOT TIP...a 20% tip is built into Uber's cell App, so do NOT over tip the driver.
(more Uber SAVINGs coming soon...check back regularily)

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